Our Mission

Our mission statement: 'To inspire people to care for and contribute to the natural environment of the Lake District and Cumbria through responsible tourism.'

How we acheive this:

  • Involving local people, businesses and visitors in taking action to sustain the environment and enhance local communities
  • Emphasizing the value of each individual’s efforts and contribution
  • Raising awareness of the impacts of Climate Change to those involved in tourism and recreation in the Lake District and Cumbria
  • Providing solutions to the negative impacts of tourism
  • Influencing policy on the environmental impacts of tourism
  • Fundraising for projects that enhance the local environment
  • Working to ensure that the economic and recreational demands of tourism do not harm the environment

To this aim our work has two major strands - fundraising for landscape and environmental projects, and supporting and promoting sustainable tourism practices. 

We hold a CBEN Gold environmental management award. We were a Tourism for Tomorrow Finalist in 2011 for Destination Stewardship (more info) and Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Award 2010 - Best Destination (Winner) (more info) 


We're also proud to be cited as an example of best practice by a range of Regional and National strategic planning bodies.


Nurture Lakeland is a part of Nurture Cumbria, a charity registered in England and Wales with the charity number 1130453 and company number 3317259