The Visitor Giving Forum 2012LDNPA_logo_09

Low Wood Bay, Windermere, Cumbria, 17th & 18th October

With support from The Lake District National Park Authority, the Visitor Giving Forum provided a training and networking opportunity for 44 tourism and conservation professionals from over 20 destinations around the UK. It has formed the basis on which to develop and grow a National Network for Visitor Giving and aired interesting debates and challenges that will continue to inform exiting schemes. 

Click here to view resources and feedback from the Forum along with a summary report of the activity.


The Visitor Giving Forum attracted a wide range of delegates from around the country, including the following: 

Industry Professionals

Visitor Giving can strengthen the image of your destination and add value to the experience of your visitors. This forum will explore the variety of opportunities Visitor Giving creates to achieve a quality destination image. Visitor Giving has the ability to encourage repeat visits and referrals because it engages visitors in practical and positive actions. Visitor Giving businesses create a vast amount of PR opportunities via their often innovative and creative methods of engaging their guests. Additionally, the conservation projects who benefit from Visitor Giving present excellent before and after stories, strengthening the image of your destination.

Conservation Organisations

The forum will encourage conservation projects to rethink how they are packaged in order to make them an attractive investment for business involvement. There is a huge potential revenue stream available from tourism businesses via their visitors, learn how to turn that potential into a sustainable reality during this forum. Make the connection between the valuable work you do, the visitor benefit this creates and then reap the rewards.

Responsible Tourism Practitioners

For all of us involved in Responsible Tourism, Visitor Giving has always been hailed as one of the methods to enable tourism businesses to minimise their impacts on the local community and environment. Via Visitor Giving, tourism businesses have the opportunity to become a ‘good neighbour’ and support the behind the scene work that is continuously needed to maintain a destination both environmentally and culturally. Whatever your current involvement with responsible tourism, you can guarantee that Visitor Giving will feature at some point during your career, so come along to network and gain an understanding of this developing responsible tourism product.



Visitor Giving Diagnostic Consultations

Nurture Tourism provides a consultancy service to facilitate the development of Visitor Giving in a variety of destinations. Our diagnostic consultations can give you the chance to benefit from exploring your unique Visitor Giving marketing strategy, business scope and delivery model with the Nurture Tourism team. 

A visit can be customised to meet your needs and can include the following:

  • One day consultation or equivalent split across two days
  • Project officer workshop
  • Business engagement workshop and presentation
  • Preliminary feasibility report