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Visitors can do so much during their visit to Cumbria to maximise the benefits of their holiday for the local environment, economy and communities. Ask any local person about the benefits of tourism to this area and they will have a long list to share!

By following the hints and tips in these pages you will find that your holiday will be filled with new expereinces and discoveries.

 Explore these pages to find out how you can; 


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Reduce your carbon contribution
Our Drive Less See More campaign is focusing on the South and Central Lake District between 2011 and 2015 and aims to generate a step-change in how visitors travel to and around the area, enabling them to make greater use of sustainable modes of travel. 

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Access green and responsible businesses
Browse through the Nurture Lakeland Green Directory. All of the businesses listed on the directory are members of Nurture Lakeland who together, are creating a dynamic network to ensure the sustainabilty of tourism across Cumbria. 

love your lakes - logo-wSupport the improvement of water quality in Windermere
Love Your Lakes and Windermere Reflections aim to improve water quality in Lake Windermere and the surrounding catchment lakes. We're helping businesses, residents and visitors to take simple lake friendly steps to support the reduction of harmful blue green algae. 

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 Discover new places and traditions
The Nurture Eden project is working with businesses to keep Eden green and to offer visitors the chance to have memorable experiences in beautiful settings whilst helping to protect the environment at the same time.


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Nurture Lakeland is a part of Nurture Cumbria, a charity registered in England and Wales with the charity number 1130453 and company number 3317259

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