• Traditional Building Retrofit Course

    Traditional Building Retrofit Course

    Posted by Rick Lomax, on Wednesday, 09 April 2014

    The Low Carbon Cottages project ran a half day course at the Field Studies Council centre in Threlkeld on 3rd April, to help disseminate some of the learning the project has collated so far. here's how the course went; 

  • Bogs, why Bother? Guest Blog: David Harpley, Cumbria Wildlife Trust

    Bogs, why Bother? Guest Blog: David Harpley, Cumbria Wildlife Trust

    Posted by Ruth, on Monday, 24 March 2014

    As an ecologist I'm bound to say that they are brilliant places, full of exciting rare wildlife and generally wonderful and that is all true, but then again I would say that wouldn't I?

    Bogs are wonderful for wildlife, with insectivorous plants like sundews and butterworts, nesting birds like Curlew and Dunlin and their own specialist butterflies and other insects. These are all great (trust me they are!) but bogs and the peat that makes them up does so much more for us.

  • It’s ours to look after – so VOTE NOW!

    It’s ours to look after – so VOTE NOW!

    Posted by Ruth, on Monday, 17 March 2014

    "Keep pedalling. Ignore the howling wind in your face. Enjoy the spring sunshine and the amazing views. Nearly there. Last push. Done it!" That was the stream of internal instructions I was giving myself as my legs forced my bike up Askham Fell yesterday afternoon. It was the second part of a running/mountain biking training session and boy, was the effort worth it for the glorious, free-wheeling downhill descent!

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  • Lake District tourism businesses save energy (and more!)

    Businesses in the UK waste on average 10-20% of the energy they buy, so we set about working with Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency to help tourism businesses save money and energy. The best way to calculate savings is to look at your current energy use. The next step is to look at where this energy is going, and then identify opportunities, and finally to calculate savings.

    Together we found many ways to save energy and money; from draught proofing doors, to switching to LED lights, to installing recycling points. It was also great to hear about the many things that businesses are already doing. Some of my favourite ideas include refilling glass water bottles, installing light sensors, and fitting insulating curtains.

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  • Traditional Retrofit - Where on earth do I start?

    Low Carbon Cottages - startOn several occasions I have been asked by people ‘where do I start?’ Traditional building retrofit does seem a bit daunting if you don’t have a plan.

    In Carbon Footprinting one of the main principles is to understand your current performance or the baseline and this process should also highlight carbon hotspots areas where the most amount of carbon is being created and focus on reducing this area.

    This is a great method to apply to your traditional holiday cottage and depending on your motivation this will change on how you assess your building.

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  • More trees for Cumbria?

    Leaves200x133Researchers at the University of Cumbria's National School of Forestry need your help for a project gathering public opinion on woodland cover in the uplands.

    Ever wondered what the Lake District fells might look like with more trees on them? Well this online survey only takes a couple of minutes and gives you the chance to view photograph simulations of potential woodland cover and comment on your preferred landscape.

    Check out the survey here on the University website. Participation is much appreciated!

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  • Partnership Director Vacancy

    nurture ntext transp jpg

    The Nurture Lakeland trustees and staff are looking for a new director to join the team at this exciting time. Nurture Lakeland is a highly reputable Cumbrian charity which has raised over £2 million for local conservation projects. This is an exciting opportunity for the successful candidate to build on the charity’s already strong foundations.

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'Inspiring people to care for the natural environment through Responsible Tourism'

annual report 2013 coverFor nineteen years we have been working to protect the beautiful landscapes and environment of Cumbria and the Lake District.
Nurture Lakeland is working with tourism businesses to improve sustainable practices, helping to safeguard the area.

We have a membership of nearly 400 businesses, tourism associations, agencies and other organisations. In total we represent over 1,200 individual businesses. These range from small guest houses to large hotels, holiday cottages to conservation bodies and other tourism related businesses.

  • Provide funding to pay for conservation and environmental works
  • Carry out research into the impacts of tourism and offer solutions
  • Provide sustainable tourism training, advice and consultancy
  • Support other regions and National Parks to set up Visitor Giving. 

Read our latest ANNUAL REPORT

Fundraising: Working with our members to support conservation projects across the county and protect our landscape - We call it Visit Give Protect

Campaign work: Ensuring that the environment and human activity co-exist harmoniously - We call it Sustainable Tourism

Consultancy: Sharing our ideas and helping other destinations across the UK and Europe to develop their own Visit Give Protect schemes - We call it Nurture Tourism

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Nurture Lakeland is a part of Nurture Cumbria, a charity registered in England and Wales with the charity number 1130453 and company number 3317259

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