'Inspiring people to care for the natural environment through Responsible Tourism'

annual report 2013 coverFor nineteen years we have been working to protect the beautiful landscapes and environment of Cumbria and the Lake District.
Nurture Lakeland is working with tourism businesses to improve sustainable practices, helping to safeguard the area.

We have a membership of nearly 400 businesses, tourism associations, agencies and other organisations. In total we represent over 1,200 individual businesses. These range from small guest houses to large hotels, holiday cottages to conservation bodies and other tourism related businesses.

  • Provide funding to pay for conservation and environmental works
  • Carry out research into the impacts of tourism and offer solutions
  • Provide sustainable tourism training, advice and consultancy
  • Support other regions and National Parks to set up Visitor Giving. 

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Fundraising: Working with our members to support conservation projects across the county and protect our landscape - We call it Visit Give Protect

Campaign work: Ensuring that the environment and human activity co-exist harmoniously - We call it Sustainable Tourism

Consultancy: Sharing our ideas and helping other destinations across the UK and Europe to develop their own Visit Give Protect schemes - We call it Nurture Tourism

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  • Still pinching myself after just over three weeks as the new Director at Nurture Lakeland

    Still pinching myself after just over three weeks as the new Director at Nurture Lakeland

    Posted by Karen Mitchell, on Monday, 21 July 2014

    How lucky I am to be able to both live in, and work for, Cumbria’s natural environment. 

  • Our Woman at the Top

    Our Woman at the Top

    Posted by Penny McMullen, on Wednesday, 25 June 2014

    Hello! My name's Sarah and I'm an Upland Ranger. Strange way to start a blog I bet you're thinking, but I'm the only female Upland Ranger in the Lakes and quite probably one of the very few that exist around the UK, and I want to give you a little insight into my world...

  • China Musings from Helen Moriarty

    China Musings from Helen Moriarty

    Posted by Sophie Cade, on Friday, 27 June 2014

    Ni Hao!

    It’s good to be gracing Nurture Lakeland’s blog once again with this latest musing about my Chinese adventures, big thanks to the current Nurture team! A big thank you also to Dr Richard Kirkby who (whilst volunteering on the brilliant Love Your Lakes project many moons ago) suggested I focus on the growing Chinese market for my MSc in Responsible Tourism Management. From blue green algae beginnings to a recent lecture trip to Nanjing University, Richard and I have Nurture Lakeland to thank for the introduction!

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