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Love Your Lakes

Love Your Lakes and Windermere Reflections aim to improve water quality in Lake Windermere and the surrounding catchment lakes. We're helping local businesses, residents and visitors to take simple lake friendly steps to support the reduction of harmful blue green algae blooms.

Blue green algae is damaging to people, wildlife and pets. High levels of phosphates change the natural ecology of local lakes and act as a unnatural nutrient, causing blue green algae to literally 'bloom'. The reduction of phosphate at source, in our homes and businesses, is the priority of Love Your Lakes.

From our experience of actively working with local community groups and businesses there is a lot of love for our local landscapes and as soon as people are aware of the issues they are more than happy to make simple changes!     

Check out our Propery Pack and find what you can do to make a difference: 

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Choosing Phosphate Free 

You can do your bit to reduce the amount of phosphates getting into the lakes by simply choosing phosphate free dishwashing products. Most laundry products are now phosphate free because the industry has become more aware of the negative impacts of phosphates. However always check the labels of your laundry and dishwashing products to ensure they are phosphate free and explore these pages for some well known products to try. 


Love Your Lakes understands the importance of sparkling clean dishes and laundry in the tourism industry. We have sourced quality, local phosphate free products specifically for tourism businesses to help them to reduce their phosphate impact. Follow this link to find out more about the business support Love Your Lakes can provide. 


Visitors can do a lot to help reduce phosphate levels and therefore improve the water quality of Windermere. Follow this link to find out how you can support the place you love to visit.  

More Info 

Love Your Lakes was delivered by Nurture Lakeland as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded Project, Windermere Reflections 2011 - 2014. We are able to continue to spread the word about water quality around Windemere thanks to generous donations from visitors collected by great local businesses taking part in Visitor Giving.

Click here to read the project summary so far (2011 - 2014).

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In 2010 Nurture Lakeland delivered Love Your Lakes in Bassenthwaite. This video explains the phosphate and blue green algae issue, all of its messages are transferable to the Windermere area. 


The Love Your Lakes Bassenthwaite Campaign Evaluation is available here. 

Love your Lakes is a Windermere Reflections project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and delivered by Nurture Lakeland.





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