We can all play a part in caring for our lovely lakes. Follow these three easy steps and keep Winderemere special for all to enjoy.

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1. Use p-free products...

If you are staying in self catering accomodation, think about your dishwasher products. There's plenty of p-free options available, either bring them with you or buy them here. Here are some p-free products to try:

  • 'Planet Clean' 5in1 dishwasher tablets
  • Persil Powerpro Dishwasher Tablets
  • Saninsbury's 'All in One Ultimate Dishwasher Tablets'
  • Co Op 'Premium Powerpod'
  • Tesco 'Naturally'
  • Ecover 

LYL Approved

2. Choose p-free businesses...

If you are staying at a hotel, ask if they use phosphate free products for their dishwasher. The more local businesses that are aware of the issue the better! Look out for hotels, B&Bs, campsites and cafes that have signed Windermere Vow to use p-free products and to Love our Lakes!



 LYL dont waste water

3. Don't Waste Water

Saving water helps to reduce carbon emissions by cutting the amount ofwater that is heated and treated. By saving water and therefore carbon in this way, you can help to mitigate some of the impacts of climate change. Potential threats of climate change include increasing water temperatures, an impact that directly relates to water quality, as algal blooms tend to be more prolific in warmer climates.











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