walking the fellsSustainable Tourism is an important topic studied by GCSE, A Level and degree level students in Geography and Leisure & Tourism Studies.

We have received international recognition for our sustainable tourism campaigns and initiatives, as well as being recognised for supporting other organisation’s commitment to sustainable tourism.

Free Downloads

The following educational downloads have been designed to give case study notes on various initiatives and organisations. Please feel free to download these for class notes and supporting case studies.

Aims of the resources:

  • To investigate the many effects tourism may have on an area, both positive and negative.
  • To introduce key concepts of sustainability and practical ways to reduce tourism’s environmental impact.
  • To explore how Nurture Lakeland is working with businesses and other organisations to promote sustainability and conservation.

They have been designed to suit GCSE and A Level (or equivalent) curriculum. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or requests in this area.

Case Studies and Background Papers

Nurture Lakeland - What do we do?

 Fresh Air is Free Campaign       

Love Your Lakes Campaign

Whinlatter Forest Case Study

Langdale Estate Case Study

Sustainable Tourism Accreditations

Impacts of Tourism Background Information

Activities and Class Room Information

Impacts of Tourism Activity

My Sustainable Holiday

What is Sustainable Tourism? - PowerPoint