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Small Gifts make a Big Difference

great crested newt"If you add a little to a little and do this often, soon the little becomes great" and this is what happens when your donations to Nurture's Small Grants Fund add up to something really special. The heart-warming news is that thanks to the businesses (and visitors) who choose to donate their Visitor Giving money to this fund, we've been able to award 4 small grants of up to £1,000 to some wonderful and worthy local, community projects who might otherwise struggle to get their ideas of the ground.


 Watchtree's Woodland Discovery Trail will see the production of a self-guided tree trail accessible to all including children and wheelchair users. It's located on a 100 acre site of flower rich meadow, with 8km of species rich hedgerow, numerous wetlands and 2 semi-natural woodlands. The Tree Trail will promote, educate and inspire visitors' enjoyment of the woodlands through learning about variety of trees around them, increased understanding of importance of woodlands & threatened wildlife.

Lonnin Head Dub in Great Salkeld is being cleared to protect habitat of Great Crested Newt and the local area developed as wildlife haven –with bird nesting boxes. And an information board is being installed to create educational interest

Conserving Coniston and Crake is a project to reconstruct and monitor a fish pass to Yew Tree Beck, Yew Tree Tarn and its catchment to reopen spawning gravels currently inaccessible to at risk migratory fish such as Salmon and Sea Trout. The project will involve local community volunteers. National Trust (landowners), the local angling club and will become part of the work carried out with local schools.

The Fenced & Gated Access to Mabbin Wood project is being brought to life by Hincaster Woodland Group. They're working to create pedestrian, gated access from Mabbin Lane into Hincaster Parish portion of the wood, removing barriers to access so they can increase use of village asset whilst preserving its wildlife and plant habitat.


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